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Supply Crate – Luis

Good morning! We have your Monday Supply Crate update ready to go. This one is a short and sweet one, perfect for a Monday, if we're honest. Luis is an Active Duty Military service member in the Army who heard about Stack Up from another unit.

As he told us:

I am SPC, [Redacted], Luis, me and my team are currently in Jordan. We are [Redacted for Operation Security] we got this information from another group and we’re trying to see if we qualify!

When they say desert, they mean desert.

We're really glad the word is getting out. If your unit receives a crate, be sure to yell it to your nearest units, we really want to get them Supply Crates too!

Sir thank you so much! The Switch arrived on Friday, the guys are loving it. Have a great day!

We're happy to have helped. May Luis and his unit have many hours of fun gaming. Btu_Lamb sponsored this Supply Crate for Luis and his unit. Thanks for answering the Call to Arms and helping us get some morale support to our service members overseas. Click that red button below to begin your volunteer journey with Stack Up.

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