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Supply Crate – Leonard

November is only a week away! We have a lot going on, from our major fundraising push to Call to Arms LIVE and the holidays.

With all of that said, let's talk about our latest Supply Crate update. Recipient Leonard is a Marine who wanted a console for playing while deployed on a Navy ship.

I am a Marine that will be on a Navy Ship at sea for Months. While on deployment this gaming console will help me to stay entertained and interact with other people who own a switch while I am away from home. My hobbies usually involve outdoor activities so being in a tight space with other people who own switch, having one for myself would help me feel less isolated outside of work.

If you know anything about Marine deployments on Navy vessels, it can be an interesting time because while Sailors are accustomed to long days at sea, Marines are often not. Many Sailors will already have their consoles on board and ready to go for deployments, while Marines may find themselves unprepared for spending days onboard a hunk of metal floating around in the ocean. We're glad Leonard reached out to solve this problem for himself.

I received the supply crate. I greatly appreciate it. Some photos are attached. If you need more pics please let me know. Thanks again!

Thank you, Leonard. Perhaps the console will also help him bridge the different service branch gap and make some friends on his deployed Navy vessel.

Leonard's Supply Crate was sponsored by Wispurx. Unfamiliar with Wispurx? Check out his Twitch channel.

As we mentioned before, November is fast upon us! We need every dollar we can manage to hit our goal of $600k by the end of the month. Let's do this for Veterans and our deployed troops.

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