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Supply Crate – Kenny

Kenny requested a Supply Crate because he heard about us from another Veteran:

I am an OIF veteran who did convoy security missions. When returning stateside I was diagnosed with major depression disorder, anxiety as well as PTSD. I currently am a firefighter EMT who still to this day faces daily struggles. Another veteran suggested I apply for this program and maybe seek some personal relief.

We're getting quite a few requests now where people mention another Veteran who suggested us to them, and that's great to know. Word of mouth really makes a difference. We hope people continue that.

We sent Kenny a gaming care package because, from our own experiences, gaming can help when dealing with something hard in life. It can also just be fun.

Mr. Kelley,
I want to thank you again I did send in those photos your charity is to kind I did not expect anything so grand that you and your team have put out. I honestly believed that I would get a game or two I never expected a new system and everything that goes with it. Thank you again so much this kindness will be paid forward however I am able to do so when I am able to do so. I sent some other veterans that I work with to check out your website and asked them to spread the word to their battle buddies.
Kenny Lawson

Thanks for that, Kenny! We hope we'll be able to help them out too.

KidneyCowboy sponsored Kenny's Supply Crate. KidneyCowboy has been a longtime supporter of Stack Up and has raised funds for multiple Supply Crates, which can be checked out by clicking the tag at the bottom of this page with his name on it. He's great; check out his Twitch channel.

Answer the Call to Arms! Sponsor a Supply Crate by raising more than $1000, and we'll send a gaming care package to a Veteran or Actively deployed unit. Get started by hitting the button below and signing up for a DonorDrive page.

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