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Supply Crate – Kelsiee

Hello! No video game quotes today. Stack Up staff are on a trip to L.A. for project Phalanx. What are we doing? It's Top SECRET. So we can't tell you yet. Be on the lookout around April 1 for the announcement.

Now for your Supply Crate update. Kelsie put in an application for a Supply Crate. In her request, she told us:

During my time as a Military Police officer I was called to many "special" cases because I was the only roadable female. I have seen many suicides of my fellow soldiers. I have been called to domestic abuse, child abuse, and rape cases. I survived MST while in service. Afterwards I got very sick and eventually had to be honorably discharged. This broke my heart because I had wanted to make the Army my career. I have struggled with adjusting to civilian life. Playing different games has helped me relax when I have panic attacks in the past.

MST stands for Military Sexual Trauma for those of you that don't know. It's an occurrence we should all be fighting to end and comfort those who have suffered from it, inside and out of the military. It can kill careers.

Games can help take the mind off of our anxieties. We know that, and if you are here, you probably know that. We sent Kelsiee a PS4, games, and accessories, and she sent us a reply:

We received the package and love all the games! I will enjoy these. I am so grateful for this!

Game on, Kelsiee.

Kelsiee's Supply Crate was sponsored by ThatCampinGuy. You can check out ThatCampinGuy on his channel here.

Interested in learning more about ways you can help Stack Up meet our mission of helping our troops through the power of gaming? Hit the big red button below.

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