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Supply Crate – Justin

We’ve got another Supply Crate report folks and we can’t wait to share the story with you. We would like to introduce you to Justin, a disabled Marine Corps veteran. Justin lives on a fixed income and struggles both financially and emotionally, all the while trying to support his family. Take it from the man himself:

I am a 100% disabled Marine Corps veteran. Due to the difficulties of my injuries, and the stress of treatment it can be difficult coping , and connecting with my children. I love video games and so do my sons. I am on a fixed income and unable to work due to my injuries. So unfortunately I am unable to afford a game console due to these factors. With a Supply Crate I would be able to supplement my recovery/treatment and lower stress, and facility the connect with my family.

Justin, we would love nothing more than to help you out. Many of the veteran’s who have written to us have been in similar situations, and we can’t stress enough how important having access to video games has been for them. Your service to this country will not go unrewarded, stand by soldier, you’ve got one helluva care package headed your way!

Thank you to all the donors, dadbodgaming, and stack-up for the opportunity to game this holiday season. With my service connected disabilities it is both emotionally and financially taxing. This donation will afford me the ability to reconnect with friends and family and engage in something I have always loved! God bless you all and happiest of holidays and have a wonderful new year!

You are most welcome Justin, we hope that you and your family have fun bonding with each other with the awesome contents of your Supply Crate. Be sure to send us some pictures of you and your kids battling it out in Star Wars Battlefront or partying while dancing to Just Dance. Stay safe soldier and we wish you good health!

We at Stack Up would like to thank DadBodGaming for sponsoring this supply crate. You have made a huge difference in this veterans like. Good job, and thank you for your patriotic donations to our cause.

If you would like to nominate a veteran or active service member to receive a crate, then please click the link below and fill out an application. We are always looking for more heroes to help veterans and service members in need.

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