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Supply Crate – Joshua

Ready for our next Supply Crate update? If it seems like we are putting out more updates, it's because we are receiving more responses from recipients than ever. We send out 12 crates a month, and around 8-10 of the recipients send us a happy response! Today's update comes from recipient Joshua, whose wife sent in the request application because she felt he deserved it.

I found this site through another disabled vet and wanted to inquire for my husband, my husband served in the US Marines for almost 12 years until he was medically separated. My husband not only suffers from back and shoulder injuries but he also has severe PTSD and depression. Around the Holidays he suffers more from his depression due to unexpectedly losing his Mother 2 months after his brother passed. I think that he would be a good candidate for a game system because he can connect with other Vets and also it will help to keep his brain busy and focused on something more positive. He goes to counseling through the VA but it doesn't make a difference, you never know what you will get. He is a Great Husband and Father and I think that he and our son would be able to connect over games since my son is 13 and quiet and they don't have much in common. I think it will be nice to see him surprised by a system. Please do pick him you won't be disappointed. Thank you and Happy Holidays

We've been getting so much more requests from spouses and to you Military and Veteran spouses: Thank you for sending nominations in. It's great to see others recognizing the struggles our service members go through.

Sorry this took so long, but I attached the picture in this email. Again thank you all at stack up.

Responses are always better late than never, as we can send them along to the Supply Crate sponsors!

Joshua's Supply Crate was sponsored by SuburbaniteSlob, who participated in last year's Call to Arms.

Are you ready to answer the Call to Arms and potentially sponsor a Supply Crate to be sent out to a Military unit or deserving Veteran? Hit the button below to get started by signing up to fundraise.

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