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Supply Crate – Joseph

Today's Supply Crate update came from Joseph, whose wife requested a gaming care package for him. Her husband is a retired combat medic from the Army whose injuries prevented him from continuing to serve, saving lives post-service.

I am nominating my husband Joseph. He served a total of 17 years in the military with almost 12 of them on active duty and 7 of those years on airborne status as a paratrooper. He is a medically retired combat medic staff sergeant from the US Army. He now suffers from Traumatic Brain Injury with migraines and has even developed post traumatic Narcolepsy with Cataplexy, and he suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from being wounded in combat in Iraq and losing the brothers that he had to work on as a medic while deployed in Iraq.
Gaming has helped him in the past overcome a lot of cognitive issues that relate to hand and eye coordination and getting his hands in sync with his brain. He has been exposed to multiple IED blasts with the worse one being a Suicide Vehicle Bourne IED (Dump Truck filled with 1,200 lbs of explosives, driven by a martyr). This dump truck hit the north wall of the Iraqi Police station he was in in Bayji, Iraq. He was driving a Humvee and was hit by an IED just 13 days prior. After deployment he stayed on airborne status and had 2 bad parachute landings leading to two more traumatic brain injuries.
When he was diagnosed with Narcolepsy in 2016 he was denied the ability to be a nurse, and had his EMT license taken away because his condition makes him a legal liability and they will not license or certify him anymore. This lead him down a path of depression because things kept getting taken away from him.
He is an extremely selfless man and volunteers his time helping veterans get the disability ratings they deserve. We have gone without so many times, and we have moved 17 times since 2010, not all due to the military of course however, everytime we needed to move things like games, and consoles and all this stuff become a liquid asset and he would sell what he could to make our world possible.
We have been recently blessed with a Mortgage Free House from a wonderful foundation called Military Warrior Support Foundation but we are not in a position financially for me to be able to bless this wonderful man with what he deserves.
He would completely benefit from this opportunity if selected. If not selected he will still be a sounding board for your organization. He talked about this like crazy when he found out but he feels that to ask for more after being given a house is just too much.
Thank you for listening to me.
a combat medic's wife

Part of what makes civilian life after being in the Military so hard is that sometimes, the things we did in the Military, we Veterans are unable to do after being injured in our service. It's a hard fact to face that the things we were trained in are no longer accessible to us and can really impact our quality of life. In Joseph's case, he's been left unable to continue pursuing work that mattered to him.

We hope gaming will help him enjoy himself. Whether he games solo or with friends, gaming can be a fulfilling activity that lets Veterans do and be whatever they choose.

Thank you so much for this amazing gift. It will surely help me and my family combat PTSD and help with my hand and eye coordination from the damage from my Traumatic Brain Injuries.
With Much Gratitude,
Staff Sergeant, US Army Retired

Glad we could help!

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