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Supply Crate – Joseph

Hello everyone and welcome to another Supply Crate mission report, we have made another new friend and we’d like to tell you all about him. This supply crate was sent to California to a combat veteran infantryman named Joseph who suffers from severe PTSD. Joseph used to play ps3 with his battle buddies to relieve himself from the stress of his deployment… but enough from us, we’ll let Joseph tell you more:

Hello there, I am a Combat veteran Infantryman. I’ve always been passionate about video games, I started playing video games when the Super Nintendo came out. I deployed to Afghanistan in 2010/2011 in Nangahar province where we had an intense deployment. When we got back to the states, those of us that were left started a gaming group on PS3 (Playing battlefield 3 and 4). I logged 2400+ hours playing with my wife and battle buddies.
I now use video games as a helpful method to cope with my severe PTSD, but I only have a PS3, all my buddies have PS4’s now. I would love to receive a supply crate so I could reconnect with my battle buddies again via videogames. This crate would have such a major impact on me that I wouldn’t have the words to describe it. Being able to reconnect with my battle buddies and play something like red dead redemption 2 online along side them and my wife would be like a dream come true.

We hear you loud and clear Joseph! We would love to reconnect you with your battle buddies. Our goal is to beat mental health by helping veterans like you one at a time. Being able to stay connected with your friends is an excellent way to overcome mental health issues. Stand by soldier and prepare for a supply crate. Joseph was thrilled with his crate, this is what he said:

Thank you so much for the supply crate! I’ve told my battle buddies about you guys I’m sure you’ll hear from them soon. Thank you so much

You are most welcome Joseph, and thank you for spreading the good word for us. We also want to give out a special thanks to GryphonAMX, without whom this crate would not have been possible. Thank you for helping the troops in an effort to beat mental health.

If you would like to support our amazing veterans and active service members, then please take the link below and fill out an application for someone you know today.

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