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Supply Crate – Jose

Today's Supply Crate update came from Jose, a Purple Heart recipient who was injured while serving in the Middle East.

Im a 39 year old purple heart recipient veteran. I served in the Army from 2003 to 2007. I was deployed to Iraq in 2005, thats when I got injured, drove over an IED and injured my back and neck and got burned by shrapnel under my eye. Just looking to have something to do since I have no friends and barely go out of the house. Im sure that a Supply Crate will help me a lot in trying to keep my mind focus in games instead of thinking of bad stuff. It will get my mind out of bad places. It will help me to continue the healing process and strengthen our family ties since we will be playing together and when not I will be explaining them how to play and what Im doing and why.

Games make a great distraction from those things bothering us. In Jose's case, they may also help him to reconnect with family as he focuses on the game rather than bad memories. We sent him a console and games in the hopes it would help him some.

This Stack-Up crate will help us spend time together, play together and watch movies as a family. Looking forward to playing some games with my two lil ones. I still can believe that there are programs out there like yours where they help veterans anyway they can. Thanks a lot...!!!

We're glad to help!

The Squall sponsored Jose's Supply Crate. Thanks goes out to The Squall and their community for putting in the time to fundraise in support of Stack Up's programs benefitting Veterans. Check out The Squall on Twitch.

Want to get involved and support Stack Up? Fundraise or donate by hitting the button below and visiting our DonorDrive page.

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