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Supply Crate – Jonathan

That's quite a rig there.

Hello everyone, we've got another awesome Supply Crate report to tell you all about! This crate was sent to Jonathan, a disabled Army Veteran who connects with his old unit through gaming. Jonathan's wife, Leanne, sent us this request, and this is what she had to say:

I am doing this for my husband. He is a disabled Army Vet dealing with mental and physical issues. Unfortunately the Army and the VA really haven’t done much of anything to help him. When he got out of the Army, his hometown is extremely far from any of his battle buddies so he tends to get lonely. Civilian friends just aren’t the same. He uses gaming to connect with his old unit. Because of medical bills and having kids and life in general, there isn’t a lot of funds for him to spend on gaming.

Nice stickers on the welding gear, Jonathan.

Thanks, Leanne, for telling us and helping us get this crate out to Jonathan. We know how much a unit can become like family and how important it is to keep that connection with them going. We also understand that, yes, civilian friends are not always the same. Stack Up is happy to connect veterans like Jonathan with friends from his unit through video games. We hope Jonathan has a great time gaming.

This kid looks tough. We don't want to mess with him.

Jonathan and Leanne had this to say about receiving Jonathan's Supply Crate:

Thank you all SO much! My husband could not be more thrilled! The fact that someone cares enough about him to send him things completely lifted his spirits! And for me, I was not expecting it to be so much! You guys go above and beyond all expectations, and I want you to know how truly appreciated you are!! - Leanne

Thank you guys. Wife surprised me with this. You don’t know how much this means to me! - Jonathan

We're liking that grin there.

Thank you, Jonathan, and thanks for these cool photos. We really hope you have a great time gaming. We hope these games can bring you some fun and relief.

Thanks to sponsors like Coolsounds, Stack Up can keep sending Supply Crates out. Your support and donations get more games dropping into the hands of veterans and our active-duty service members.

There are never too many games to get out there with our Supply Crates. We hope more family members of veterans and active-duty military tell us about their loved ones so we can get them a supply crate too. If you know a veteran or active service member you would like to nominate, click the big red button below.

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