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Supply Crate – John

If you've been keeping up with our socials you'll know it's a busy week for us. We're out at PAX East and hopefully, everyone is having a good time, especially our Air Assaults.

Today's Supply Crate update came from Navy Veteran John who wanted a Supply Crate to help him deal with some mental health struggles he's been having.

I have PTSD and Major Depression along with an alcohol abuse issue. This would give me an outlet to remove me from tempting situations. The games would also be played by non veterans that has been through a traumatic event has left them physically Disabled and has mental health issues. This would help them occupy their mind when home alone. We are about to move I will update you if we move. But this will also help me fight the craving of Alcohol.

John seems to have wanted his Supply Crate to share with others as well, which is something we're happy to support.

Alcoholism is as much a mental health struggle as it is anything else. We're not sure if gaming could help with it as there aren't all that many studies out there about it, but we're happy to help however we can.

Here is the photo you asked for. But it is definitely a great stress relief and distraction. Thank you.

That's all we needed to know John. Thanks for responding with pictures.

Jester1147 is one of our current Influencer Relations Team members and he's been part of Stack Up for quite some time. He's a pretty cool guy, and one you should check out.

With National Volunteer Week coming to a close we would like to invite anyone reading this, if you haven't checked out how you can help support Stack Up, you can do so by hitting the button below.

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