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Supply Crate – John

Today's Supply Crate update came from John, who was being medically separated and needed something to occupy himself.

I have served for 13 years and am currently being discharged due to Back issues from being shot down in a C-130 and I can’t work and this gaming system would give me something to occupy myself with during my down time and offer something that I can do with my children since I’m unable to do any physical activities with them, as well as giving me access to play with my battles. It would also keep me from getting on my wife’s last nerve, it may as well save me from her wrath.

We're sorry that happened to you, John! Gaming is definitely a great way to stay occupied and enjoy spending time with friends and family. We certainly had to zoom in and make a save here to ensure John's marriage remained intact.

Thank you so much, the kids and myself are ecstatic!

Have fun, John.

CaptainRichard sponsored John's gaming care package. Thanks to CaptainRichard and his great community for fundraising and we hope they'll answer the Call to Arms again in the future. CaptainRichard can be found streaming on Twitch.

Got time to donate in support of powering Veteran mental health through gaming? Hit the button below to navigate to our DonorDrive page, donate, and watch our goal meter go up.

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