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Supply Crate – Joel

Hello again and welcome to another report from our Supply Crate Program. This time, our mission brought us to a wonderful Gunnery Sargent Named Joel. GySgt Joel is the Detachment Commander for the Marine Security Guard in Kigali, Rwanda. This request came to us because Joel wants to support his support his marines and wished to give them ways to decompress while being able to bond at the same time. This is the admirable attitude that we love here at Stack Up, please tell us more.

Hello Stack Up Team,
I have seven Marines ranging from 18-29 years old that stand post here 24/7 and are charged with the safety and security of all Department of State personnel here. During their off time they love to game it up but its more of a single player thing. It wasn’t until I got here in October that we started challenging each other in some of their games. The game library is a little thin but they have the major systems (Xbox, PS4). I am looking to do anything I can to support my Marines and give them ways to decompress all while bringing them together. Thank you for what you do and I’m glad I heard about you guys on ZBT.

That sounds like so much fun, we would love to help you. We know that playing the same games all the time can get pretty stale, allow us to widen your gaming variety. Its our duty to support amazing soldiers like you stand by for your delivery.

We just received the box you sent and I really have to say I was impressed.  You all went above and beyond and we really appreciate it and everything you are doing. The Marines were all super excited to get started and immediately started challenging each other. Thank you DadBodGaming for supporting this amazing group and the Stack Up organization couldn’t do this without your support.  The Marines from Detachment Kiagli, Rwanda salute you all.

At ease soldiers, now go play your games and enjoy your new library! We are so happy to hear that you are enjoying your supply crate. It is our goal to make your lives in service as comfortable as we possibly can. Thank you for contacting us so we could help you.

A special thanks is in order for this supply crate. Thank you to DadBodGaming for sponsoring this crate, we truly couldn’t do our job without the support of amazing people like you. If you would like to help our troops like DadBodGaming, then please click the link below and fill out an application for a veteran or active duty soldier in need.

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