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Supply Crate – Joe

Joe was a Corpsman who deployed to the Middle East in 2011. He requested a Supply Crate to help him escape when his mental health was bad.

Hello my name is Joe. I was a corpsman for 3rd batallion 2nd marines. We were deployed to the northern helmand province of Afghanistan for most of 2011. I was a  senior line corpsman and aid in the health care of about 200 marines. I was on scene for multiple medevacs including my best friend who gave the ultimate sacrifice. I have been struggling with suvivors guilt and severe ptsd since we got back. Gaming is my escape and i cant afford to replace my playstation 5 since it was stolen. I have my good days and then i have my bad days and thats when gaming or playing guitar acts as my medicine to bring me out of that slump.

Having your game console stolen is the worst! Like many vets, it sounds like Joe has been through it, and we just knew we had to help him by getting him a new console and some games.

While a game console can't cure mental health, it can act as an aid when dealing with PTSD and other mental health struggles. We hope Joe finds some solace and comfort while gaming.

Thank yall soo much
Im in tears thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Wishing you well, Joe.

Gmazgul sponsored Joe's Supply Crate. Gmazgul has fundraised with Stack Up for a couple of years now. We want to thank Gmazgul and their community for their support. We hope you'll give them a check out on their Twitch channel. They play games like Fortnite, some horror, and Grand Theft Auto.

It's early in the year, but it's never too early to sign up and begin planning your Memorial Day or Veterans Day fundraiser. Can't do either? No problem. Pick any day you like and make it an event to remember. Our Influencer Relations Team will check in with you if you need anything once you sign up.

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han gu
han gu
Jun 07


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