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Supply Crate – Jeymi

Jaymi games with her nieces and nephew, who she's taking of. She wanted to get one of the latest game consoles so they could play the latest games.

I just took on my two nieces, nephew and great nephew while still trying to work with a therapist on my mental health (PTSD) from military service. I only make my 100% from VA disability, I own a home but half my check goes just to that. I couldn't do Christmas, and I can barely make birthdays happen. They are fed, loved, and cared. We actually game together. I gave my nephew my old PC, and a bunch of cables they were missing for their PS4. Sorry, I ramble. I know there's likely someone more deserving, or some ones. But, if there's a chance I can some how pull a PS5 out of my butt, then I have to try. Thanks for your time, and letting me ramble. If some how this makes it through, God bless, and be well.

Military service often leaves us Vets in a lurch post-service when we have new struggles to deal with, especially when those struggles include providing for our families.

I wanted to give you an update, and send you these photos.
Thank you so much Raging_Vet! I think it's amazing what you and StackUp have done for veterans and service members.
I can't even begin to explain how awesome this is. Gaming.. It helps me focus and not think about anything else. Gaming is my escape.
I've been going through a lot, and this was a blessing. Thank you all so much.
Local old lady gamer *almost 40
Ps. It got stuck in my drafts! I am so sorry for the late response.

We're happy with any response we receive that we can share with our sponsors and others, no worries Jeymi!

Raging_Vet sponsored Jeymi's Supply Crate, raising $1k with his viewers to sponsor it. Thanks to him and his community for all their hard work and generosity. You can check out Raging_Vet on his Twitch channel.

Help us close out the year at our $600k goal! Fundraise, donate, share our DonorDrive with friends and family. Hit the button below to get the link:

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