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Supply Crate – Jesse

We're halfway through the week, everyone. As usual, we have a Supply Crate update ready and raring to go for you. Today's update is about a crate we sent out to Jesse, a Marine Veteran. Jesse's wife nominated him for the Supply Crate.

Jesse is my husband. We are currently separated. We have been for about 4yrs now. He suffers from major depression. I feel like him having a gaming console would help him in so many ways especially when it comes to connecting with our children. He’s a truck driver and gone most of the time. Having a console did wonders for me. I think it would give him something to do when he’s traveling for work or at his house alone.

It's really nice to see that despite whatever is happening between Jesse and his wife, she cares enough to nominate him for a Supply Crate. Of course, we had to make sure Jesse got a console and some games because regardless of what may go on between parents, children should have something to enjoy with them.

To whom it may concern:
Thank you very much for the package and its contents, the last few weeks have been stressful and I have not been to work. These items will help me keep my mind off the current military events abroad. Again, I humbly thank you for the package and its contents.

Thank you, Jesse, for the reply. We are always happy to help out with our gaming care packages. Hopefully, some time gaming will alleviate some of that stress.

Karmakut sponsored this Supply Crate. Karmakut has sponsored a few of them, and for that, we give big thanks! Keep up the great work and good deeds.

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