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Supply Crate – Jeizel

Hey there, we have some news about a recent Supply Crate mission. The last crate we sent was in response to Jeizel, who is part of a currently deployed medevac platoon. Jeizel applied because she and her mates need some way of spending their downtime. Here is what her request said:

We’re a medevac platoon (Donkey Kong Dustoff) currently deployed in support of Freedom’s Sentinel. We’re hoping we have a ton of down time because if we’re not getting calls it means our troops are safe. A lot of the soldiers are first time deployers. Thanks for your consideration. DUSTOFF!!!

Right on Jeizel! We would love to give you some options to spend your down time. We know how tough it can be out there, so we are always looking to support our troops in any way we can. Look out, here comes your Supply Crate!

We got our case! Thank you guys so much! 

You are most Welcome Jeizel. We hope that these gifts will help you during your downtime and that you can all bond over playing some awesome games.

This crate was sponsored by GryphonAMX. Thank you for your patriotic and charitable donation to Stack Up. We make sure that everything you give goes to making sure our troops are supported. You are a hero and we can’t thank you enough.

If you would like to submit an application for a veteran or active duty service member that you know, then please don’t hesitate. Click the big red button below and it will take you straight to our application page.

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