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Supply Crate – Jason

Jason is a Veteran who served in the Army and was medically retired after a Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis. He requested a Supply Crate to game and connect with others while returning to his favored escape.

Good morning, I am a combat engineer Army veteran who served three tours in Iraq and one to Afghanistan. I served 18 years before one Friday during a company run I kept falling out and couldn't figure out why. I woke up that next morning and couldn't feel my entire right side of my body two weeks I couldn't feel the left side as well. The doctors couldn't figure out what was wrong with me at first but after what seemed to be a thousand tests, ct scans and mri's it was determined to be multiple sclerosis. I knew once I heard that diagnosis that my career was done there was no way that I would ever make it past the rank of sergeant first class where I was at now and that soon they would start a med board to discharge me from the Army which my doctor and chain of command didn't waste any time doing. Ever since that day it has seem that my life has been in a downward spiral because very little seems to go right for me. I exited the Army in the middle of Covid the military's separation program was barely functioning where I was because they were scared of people getting sick and spreading it so we were basically a check the box group to get everything done with. I was married at the time that I got out which I am now divorced because I am "not the same person" that I was before. Turns out a lot of the people that keep you sane and going often are those that wear the same uniform as you. Gaming has been my way of connecting and probably always will be my escape from everything that I have dealt with on my deployments and to just relax to take my mind off of the harsh stuff that's going on in our world today. Thank you for this Opportunity.

Sounds like Jason has been through some of the tougher stuff when it comes to the Military and medical diagnoses. Wanting to serve only for our health to prevent that can feel like a boot right to the kiester.

As far as gaming goes, it's a great way to connect with people, both those we already know who game and new people who may have common interests and struggles. It's well worth it to us to make sure our Veterans can find an escape with others who they can make friends with.

I'm sorry for being late on this. Life has been hectic lately. I really appreciate all of this.
Sincerely yours,

We appreciate you too, Jason, and hope you get plenty of gaming in with your new console.

Thanks go out to SoundSpeeds who fundraised to sponsor this Supply Crate. SoundSpeeds

is a professional boom operator in the motion picture industry, which sounds pretty awesome. You can check out his YouTube channel to learn all about it!

As you can see in the above picture, 1 Shot Energy was included in this Supply Crate after donating some of their chews to be thrown in our Supply Crates.

Do you make video content? Or do you own or know of someone who owns a business interested in working with a Veteran organization dedicated to supporting Veteran mental health? Show them our page! If they're interested in making a donation, they can hit the button below and start a fundraiser or donate.

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