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Supply Crate – Jason

Today's Supply Crate update is a pretty special one near and dear to our hearts. Jason's wife put in a Supply Crate but left out sending us photos and unfortunately, without photos, we can't check out a person's uniform or see anything else about them to make sure they're a real person. We had Jason resubmit a Supply Crate application.

Hi I'm Jason I'm a US Army veteran. My wife originally did a request but was discouraged but didnt go through with it and now she has told me I should try. I've been out since 2016. I was medically separated from service. I've been through a lot yet I try to keep a happy outlook. Recently I've been using my platform to try and get fellow Regiment GG members affiliated on their Social platforms i.e. Twitch, Kick, Youtube. I dont do this because I feel that everyone needs a chance to be happy and Honestly I want to see everyone succeed. I was a streamer and as a PTSD Veteran I feel that streaming is a good outlet for those like us. Recently my family and I have moved into our first house and between bills and mortgage I have had to give up a lot of the things I've used to distract me. I've done this to pay bills so i've had to sell games and consoles. Where I used to have switch and xbox and everything else but i've had to either sell them off to pay bills or get food or my last console I had an Xbox One X finally died on me and was unable to fix. My wife would say i'm a good candidate because I'm selfless. honestly I'm just treating others how i want to be treated. As a permanently disabled veteran with unemployable status i'm unable to work but i'm able to pour my heart out to my stepsons and sons and though I may not be able to afford games or consoles I make sure they have no needs or wants. My friends would say I look out for them over myself. Being a someone to vent to or giving them support on their endeavors rather than taking my own mental health or my projects into consideration so that i can see them be successful. My mother in law would say i take the mission's success over my own health. working on the property we now live on and disregarding my own personal aches and pains so that all 3 kids and my wife and I would no longer have to live in a cramped RV but could have a home to call our own. It says why would we make a good candidate and honestly i just do what i feel is right taking care of family and friends. that selfless service thing that the military pounded into me during my service. I hope that i am a good candidate because this could help with i guess a distraction to the demons i fight daily. and would help me maybe focus on becoming a streamer again

We ended up with a huge backlog of Supply Crate requests because of a viral TikTok last year and it took us a while to sort through and prioritize and figure out when we could get Jason a Supply Crate. Our Social Media Manager kept an eye on Jason as did Regiment's people and pushed for him to get higher priority as we saw everything he's been doing despite his home struggles. We wanted to make sure he got something good for all he's done and to help him deal with the tougher parts of life.

Attached is the supply crate picture. thank you so very much I appreciate it and I know this will get used well as a therapy machine.

We trust in all you're doing, Jason, and wish you well. Jason streams on Kick under the name DeathRoyale. He's an Army and Air Force Veteran who spends his time streaming and doing his best to be there for others. Check him out.

Thanks to Regiment for not only sponsoring this Supply Crate but also seeing Jason and putting in a good word to make sure he got priority for a shipment. Learn more about Regiment on their page.

We're working hard to make sure people like Jason get something nice that they can use to connect with others and game on. However, we can't do that without funding and support. Want to help us out? Check out the Stack Up How to Help page at the top menu or just hit this button below and donate or sign up to fundraise.

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