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Supply Crate – Jason

When we decided to do 50 Supply Crates for the summer, we had just received a shipment of PS5s that we purchased from Sony. This means we are better able to provide this latest generation of consoles to our Veterans.

Today's update came from Jason, an Army Veteran. He sent the following request.

My name is Jason. I am a father if 2 and married. Deployed to Afghanistan 2010 to 2011. I using gaming as a way to stay connected with friends and family and to focus my mind on the present. I spend time with kids playing games and connecting with them.

We think a PS5 would definitely help with keeping that connection with Jason's children going through gaming, don't you? We sent him a Supply Crate, and he sent us a reply:

Thank you so much. This is so much more than I ever expected. Y'all and your donors are amazing. Being a veteran this keeps my mind busy when not working. I can spend time with my kids playing games and continue to grow my bond with them. Again thank you so very much.

No problem, Jason! We're glad to have helped.

Deaditegirl sponsored Jason's, Supply Crate. We thank her and her community for what they've done. Without streamers like Deaditegirl and amazing community support, we couldn't keep these programs going.

With that in mind, help us support more Veterans! You could see your name in an update, and we will send photos and replies as we receive them to you.

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