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Supply Crate – Jason

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, but we think of it as Mental Health Action Month. Part of our actions? Providing gaming care packages to our Veterans who are out there dealing with PTSD in the hopes that they find some reprieve from all the dark places a mind can go.

Jason is one such Veteran who served and needed a new console to help him deal in his off time.

This would impact me alot , I am a 100 percent disabled veteran. I suffer from severe ptsd , the calm that I find is when I am playing games and having g my mind on something that I enjoy. I work full time and on my days off this would make a big difference, it will fill my spare time with joy and connecting with other vets that play.

Veterans connecting with other Veterans through gaming is not only important for building community, but having people who understand some part of what you've been through is an experience we all need as human beings. In Jason's case, we're glad to help with that.

Thank you

Thank you for reaching out, Jason. We hope you get plenty of gaming in on your off time.

CaptainRichard sponsored Jason's Supply Crate. He has a Twitch channel, so if you're looking for a Content Creator who plays some of the most recent games available, check out his channel.

Get in on the action for Mental Health Action Month. Answer the Call to Arms and fundraise to support Stack Up in our endeavors to support Veterans and Active Military members' mental health through the power of gaming.

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