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Supply Crate – James

As we near the end of November, thank you to everyone who has been participating in the Call to Arms and fundraising so we can continue sending Supply Crates out.

James requested a Supply Crate to enjoy some gaming in his off time:

I am a twenty-two year veteran on my 4th tour of duty. I volunteered for this deployment when a mission critical tasker came down from higher command. I left my wife and two awesome autistic sons at home with only a few days notice. Because my sons require so much attention and extra care I do not have much time or extra money to indulge myself in gaming. While on deployment however I am finding myself in need of something to take up more of my time outside of missions and gym time. While I am requesting this donation for myself I would be sharing the loot with roommates and squad members. When I am not doing my duty or Uncle Sam, I can be found researching the newest board games (another passion of mine), watching cartoons with my sons, or working hard to provide for my family as the sole provider for the family.

Sounds like a busy guy! The great thing about gaming is that you can play for 30 minutes or even more. It's such a convenient hobby.

Thank you for my gaming package. Can’t wait to get into some awesome Xbox gaming sessions soon.

Thanks for reaching out to us, James.

First Nation Group sponsored James' Supply Crate. They've been a great help to us, donating funds directly to our Supply Crates program so we can get more of them out of the door to our Veterans. Learn more about what they do to help Veterans via providing respiratory healthcare on their website.

One month of the year left to go. That's still plenty of time to run a fundraising event and help us exceed $600k for Military personnel like James. Hit the button below to answer the Call to Arms.

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