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Supply Crate – Jaime

Today's Supply Crate update comes from Jaime, a self-professed "80s baby" who knows the power of gaming in helping with his own mental health as well as others. After finding out about Stack Up, he put in a request:

As am 80s baby I grew up in the Nintendo NES era and I have always found video games to be helpful, to disconnect and forget past trauma, as of today I still game and enjoy attending conventions either as a vendor or a guest, I know what video games has done for me and for my PTSD from my military career and I want to be able to help and educate other veterans as well. I would rather my brothers disconnect into a video game than drink or do drugs. Video games have kept me clean since my exit from the Army, I have lost many brothers whom I know could of benefited from this program, I want to say thank you to the veteran that educated me about yall.

The best part about playing video games is no hangovers. Unless you pull an all-nighter. Make sure you're hydrating and taking screen breaks, people!

We sent Jaime a Supply Crate, and he sent us a reply:

I received my package today, thank you very much! You guys are doing a great job.
Thank you,

Thank you, and we hope to see you at some of the cons we attend as well!

JPCyphers sponsored Jaime's Supply Crate. Want to help us let JPCypher know we appreciate the support? *We were informed that this creator now posts on YouTube instead. Check out SierraSquared aka S2 on YouTube.

It would be an honor to us if you joined in on the Call to Arms and helped us support more Veterans like Jaime through our Supply Crates program. Hit the button below to get started.

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