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Supply Crate – Hunter

There are plenty of struggles for the members of our Military outside of combat. From long work hours to everyday hardships and even difficulties with other servicemembers, our Military personnel deal with plenty enough to cause them stress.

Hunter's Air Force unit has been struggling and really needed something to help them deal with the stress:

My team and I are currently [redaced]. While many of us have struggled with mental health, and toxic leadership. The only time we can forget about it all is through gaming. It’s always brought us together and at that moment we’re able to build our morale. We would all be more than grateful if you picked us. We’ve been trying to get our hands on some game systems but it’s extremely hard to come by. While our base very rarely has “drawing contest” to purchase these systems were never picked. It’s hard watching the guys you work with struggle out here. But we really appreciate what you guys(and gals) are doing to support not only us but other troops out there.

Our troops deserve a little fun after a long day, and while bases do what they can for morale, gaming consoles aren't their top priority, which is where Stack Up steps in to help.

Hey Ian! Just received the package today. I want to let y’all know this is very much appreciated. Yet some of my team couldn’t make it to the picture. My team is beyond thankful for y’all and the veterans out there making this possible. We will never forget this. This will without a doubt make it 10x better being able to play together as a team and make time go by faster so we can get back home to our families. We can’t thank y’all at Stack Up enough.

Thanks, Hunter! And yes, Stack Up was made by Veterans to support other Veterans and Active Duty servicemembers with their mental health through gaming.

DJSoundstorm used his DJ powers for good to sponsor Hunter and his unit's Supply Crate. He's on Twitch, Youtube, and Kick.

Use your streaming powers for good! Answer the Call to Arms and fundraise for Stack Up. Hit the button below to get started.

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