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Supply Crate – Galen

What a week we've been having! Call to Arms continues all month long. Why answer the Call to Arms? To help Stack Up continue sending Supply Crates out, of course. Galen and his unit are one such group of service members that benefit from our Supply Crate program. Getting a crate simply requires submitting a request as Galen did. In his request, Galen told us the following:

My troop is full of mechanics who keep the vehicles that keep us safe up and running. they are the most underappreciated and overworked folks I have seen. Working non-stop to fix things that others break while the people who broke them are often at home relaxing. Overlooked for awards because we are "doing our job". This is a lot of these folks first time away from home and away from home and family for the holidays and with the way this COVID pandemic is affecting the world a lot of families are struggling to make ends meet let alone spend money on "comfort items" like video games.

Looks like you've contacted the right people, Galen. We got a Supply Crate out to him overseas so that he and his unit can enjoy some video games. Comfort items are important to morale, and morale is important to keep people going after long days of working as Galen's unit does. Galen sent us a reply upon receiving his unit's Supply Crate:

Thank you for the gaming gear. It will go a long way in helping make these soldiers' holidays away from their families a bit easier.

Thanks, Galen, for reaching out so that we could get you and your unit a Supply Crate. Thanks also go out to CdrCodyLive, who sponsored this crate. Be sure to check his youtube out.

Stack Up has plenty of opportunities to get involved. Whether you're a Content Creator doing a DonorDrive for Call to Arms or doing cleanups within your local community with the Stacks program, or joining the StOP team to help veterans and military through a mental health crisis, we have many ways to join in and help out. Find out more by hitting the red button below.

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