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Supply Crate – Eric

Today's Supply Crate update comes from Veteran Eric who has been gaming for much of his life. He's had some visual impairment but even so, continues to game through it.

Todays’ new breed of veterans, there’s nothing more important than fostering that comradely that once they had while serving in the United States military. Gaming has provided veterans between the ages a safe place to get mentally active and make connections with their peers. I’m one of those veterans, during my tour in Iraq on the summer of 2005 while conducting combat operations in south Baghdad, Mamudiyah due to circumstances out my control I sustained a moderate TBI which cause my retina to be affected. Now given my disabilities have worsen has obligated me to be housebound. Due to my vision impairment, I’ve become dependent to a blind stick 80% of my time and I’m no longer able to drive a motor vehicle. I know my story resonates with several o maybe hundreds of veterans of our great nation. however, my experience and the impact gaming has been in my life is one of a kind and I wish I had kept my old Nintendo or my Dream Cast from when I was a teenager. Through great veteran organizations like Wounded Warrior Project I been able to branch out and meet other veterans and I can't be grateful enough. Gaming has such taboo behind from those who don't understand the benefits of it. I been behind a game console since the 80's and it has helped me through some dark times, from playing Halo in Iraq from turning on my old Ps4 during a late night after a nightmare. May 7, 2020 I was a victim of close to fatal accident that cause my disabilities to worsen. After a year of physical and cognitive rehabilitation, with assistance, I’m able to live my life with a “new normal”. Gaming has been a huge bridge between my disabilities and my recovery. Gaming has opened a new chapter in my life, one I can continue to write at a very old age. I'm learning to fall in love with the benefits that playing with people all around the world feels like. You might ask" but if you're blind how can you play?", well I have less than 5 percent of my peripherals in each eye, playing COD is tricky but I make it work. I would be honored if I was to be consider for this grant. I spend 90% of my time at home and with something like this I could extremely beneficial and will expand my support system.

Interestingly enough there are games out there developing accessibility options for people with visual impairments. It's still taking some time but the more developers take the effort to develop the options, the more people who are dealing with impairments like Eric's can game.

We gladly sent him out a new console and he replied:

Wow!!!! Thank you so much!

You are welcome, Eric. We hope you'll have fun with your new console and other items we sent in this gaming care package.

Charging_Charlie sponsored Eric's Supply Crate. Charging_Charlie is a U.S. Navy Veteran who streams a variety of games but especially Escape from Tarkov. Thank you to her and her community for their support! Check her out on Twitch.

Looking to support Veterans? We have many ways to help out. However, we need financial support more than ever. Donating or fundraising by hitting the button below is the best way you can support our mission of supporting Veteran mental health through the power of gaming.

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