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Supply Crate – Donna

More Supply Crates. We promise you that we will never run out of them. That's why you and we Stack Up, right?

Today's update came from Donna, a recipient who has battled breast cancer 3x and survived. Read her request below:

I am an AF Wounded Warrior and 3x breast cancer survivor. During my last battle, my oncologist, breast surgeon, and I decided that the best course of action was a bilateral mastectomy. I am currently waiting for reconstructive surgery. I am opting for what is called DIEP Flap; the surgeon uses a section of abdominal tissue to recreate breasts. The recovery time is a minimum of 8 weeks, the first 4 you are basically bed ridden (to prevent herniating the abdominal incision). I am requesting support to provide something to occupy my time during convalescence since I will have limited mobility.

Seems like a lot of downtime for which a gaming console may just come in handy. What better way to spend recovery than to sit back and play some games?

We sent a crate out to Donna, and she sent the following reply:

Hello Ian!
I received the Supply Crate and it is crazy!! Thank you so much! Now I'll have plenty of options to keep me occupied while I recover from surgery. If I want to donate games back to your organization, how do I do that? Also, is the attached photo okay?

For anyone wondering about how to donate games and/or lightly used consoles: visit our alternative support page.

Today's update is brought to you by the sponsorship of The_Toni_Rex. You can find The_Toni_Rex on Twitch.

Do you and your community have what it takes to sponsor a crate? Take up the challenge by signing up to fundraise! Just hit the button below.

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