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Supply Crate – Dericke

Really like the hat, where do we have to be RED HORSE to get one?

Hello everyone, it's Monday, and it's time for another Supply Crate update from Stack Up. The following report came from Dericke, a servicemember overseas who requested a crate for his RED HORSE unit's morale. For those unfamiliar, RED HORSE is short for Rapid Engineer Deployable Heavy Operational Repair Squadron Engineer. Dericke's squadron sorely needed a supply crate of games for their MWR tent. Here's what he sent us in his request:

My unit is a combat civil engineer unit composed of 30 military members. I am kindly requesting a care package to help with the morale of myself and my team members. We are the first RED HORSE unit here since the early 2000s. We are a self sufficient, self sustaining unit. We currently have an area for our MWR tent (which we call Charlie’s) but since we are the 1st of the RED HORSE crew here in over a decade we do not have any kind of MWR items. The items sent (if we are chosen to get a care package) will be used for us and the following RED HORSE teams that will come and relieve us an so forth. I hope we are chosen an we all will greatly appreciate anything that is sent over.

You all look great wearing those Stack Up t-shirts.

Request received and request granted, Dericke. We put together a crate and got it out to Dericke and his squadron to beef up that MWR tent with the fun of video games. After receiving the crate, Dericke responded:

Attached is some photos from the PlayStation that was donated! We all really appreciate it! I currently found out I’m getting extended here and will be out here until December. We are also getting in over 100 more people (we currently only had about 30 people since we are part of the initial team). Any other donations would be greatly appreciated! Thank you again for this! It’s definitely making our down time for eventful!

Have fun with that PS4.

We're glad to have helped, Dericke and his RED HORSE squadron. We hope that PlayStation 4 has been put to good use after long workdays.

This crate was made possible by Pikalyn. We thank you for your efforts in raising funds for this crate.

Whether you're a U.S. or allied active duty military or a veteran, Stack Up is here for you. If you want to learn more about our programs, hit that "Programs" section at the top. If you want to help, you can hit this big red button below to be redirected to the "How to Help" section of the site. We hope you have a great week!

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