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Supply Crate – Derek

It sucks when the only consoles available are old, with few to play when deployed. In Derek's case, they only had two games to play, and while those games are fun, they definitely needed more.

The airfield that we work at has but a few consoles that don't really work and we only have Madden and Skyrim to play. Receiving any care package would help to boost morale of the troops. All of the soldiers in my unit are hard workers ad deserve a reward.

We had to intervene in Derek's case and ensure he and his fellow soldiers got a good gaming care package from us.

Absolutely HUGE S/O to @StackUpDotOrg for this amazing care package!! When the box showed up this evening my soldiers were already excited. This will help boost morale for us and following units. Thank you again Stackup! Had to make sure @RegimentGG was flying high as well😎

Glad to have helped out, Derek!

LordlyKingSDot sponsored Derek and crew's Supply Crate. He's a pretty cool guy, so be sure to go check him out on Twitch.

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