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Supply Crate – Derek

Derek was nominated for a Supply Crate because his Xbox was broken in transport, and he needed a new one, stat.

Derek plays online with guys he served with but their community has grown into a true group of people that rely on each other and benefit from talking. Sometimes they talk about the dumbest things, sometimes they are giving advice to younger soldiers or older ones that are struggling. He has had a couple times that I know of for sure where he was dealing with a potential suicide, and he jumps into action making phonecalls and trying to get help to the person thats in another state. I really see a difference in him when he plays. He almost did 20 years but due to extenuating cirumstances he needed to get out. His son is now getting into gaming and its great to hear them talk about it. We are moving to Florida and TSA broke is Xbox when they opened the luggage and they won't pay for it. Now he talks on his phone with these guys but I can tell its not the same.

Derek sounds like a stand-up guy! Gaming and gaming communities have great potential for Veterans in helping one another out and it seems that Derek and his group of friends exemplify that. It's too bad TSA broke his Xbox because losing such an expensive piece of gear kept him from doing something this Veteran enjoys.

I apologize for the delay for getting back to you. It’s been a roller coaster between surgeries, the VA makes everything more difficult, and relocating my family. Again, I’m truly grateful for everything that Stack Up does.

Hey, no problem; life happens, and that's why we are here! So that when life happens, Stack Up can back Veterans' mental health through gaming!

Cerceru sponsored Derek's Supply Crate. Thanks to Cerceru and thanks to her community for supporting Stack Up by sponsoring this Supply Crate. Rainbows, unicorns, and Dead by Daylight are Cerceru's vibe, and if you're looking for a streamer with that vibe, check out her Twitch channel.

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