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Supply Crate – Daymon

It's Friday! We hope you're all doing well out there. If you are not and you end up feeling so bad you're reaching a crisis point, drop into our discord and ask for StOP.

Supply Crate recipient Daymon kept his request short and to the point:

Currently deployed for world security and protection

Daymon is Active Duty Navy, and if you're not aware, unless a Sailor is on shore duty, they often deploy, especially if they're attached to a ship. We're seeing more Navy applications and would like to see more with how often they're going out to sea. We know each division could probably use a console for those long hours off duty and stuck on the ship.

Thank you guys so much for y’all’s help, we greatly appreciate everything y’all do for us!!

We're happy to help however we can! Thanks, Daymon, for applying.

Tanikins sponsored Daymon and his division's Supply Crate. Thanks to Tanikins for helping us support these deserving Sailors!

Want to help Stack Up by raising money to sponsor a Supply Crate of your own? Or support our other programs supporting Veteran and Active Duty servicemembers' mental health? Sign up or donate today by hitting the button below and navigating to our DonorDrive page.

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