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Supply Crate – David

David's unit has one console and a controller to game with, and sometimes they want more games to play with and the ability to play with one another. He requested a Supply Crate in the hopes of getting another console for his unit to play.

Hello! We are the Ground Surgical Team (6 members) who support the EMDS here at [redacted] in Saudi Arabia. We are a close knit team who provide emergency surgical care for the AOR and support the EMDS in multiple roles clinically and administratively. We have a nintendo DS + 1 controller and a TV for our group.

Being overseas is often hard enough. Doing medical work overseas, our troops have probably experienced some things that wear on their morale. The least we can do is send them a gaming care package.

We just received the care package! Thank you so much! We couldn’t believe the generosity. We can wait to set it up and play. Best wishes from the PSAB surgical team.
Maj Valdez

Enjoy! We hope David and his team take some downtime to relax.

GamersWeCare lives up to their name, as usual, fundraising to sponsor this Supply Crate. They've been great Stack Up supporters for a few years, and we're glad to know them. Check out this team and community of wonderful streamers putting some good into the world on their Twitch channel.

Do you care about Veterans and mental health and love gaming? Want to do something good with all three of those things? Hit the button below to answer the Call to Arms and donate or fundraise today! Help us keep our programs running.

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