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Supply Crate – Daniel

Daniel is a Veteran battling cancer who, despite it all, continues to be a force for good. Read about him in his request:

I am a 💯 total & permanent disabled veteran. I was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer back in June of 2019 & proud today say I best cancer & have been in remission ever since. Unfortunately my cancer came back & has spread to my lungs & lymph nodes. It is now considered stage 4b, not curable & I am undergoing palliative care/chemotherapy here at the Audi L Murphy hospital in San Antonio, TX. I am also a husband to an amazing woman, who is a local veterinarian technician. I am also a father of an amazing 3 yr old son named Henry, who is nonverbal autistic. To say that me & my family have been through some very rough times is an understatement. With all my health issues & problems I have not been able to work & provide the life my wife & kid very much deserves. It hurts me to my core & this is something I struggle with every day, along with my other ailments: PTSD, anxiety, depression, messed up back, TBI, memory problems. In my spare time I try my best to give back to my fellow veterans who I know are struggling like me. I make content for Twitch, TikTok, Facebook & Instagram with the use of puppets, adult military humor & video games to raise awareness for my symptoms and I am a huge advocate for #end22 and for those battling cancer. What little money I do make from that I give back to several nonprofits that benefits my fellow veterans like Warriors Next Adventure, Wounded Warriors Project & Shellback Tech & even StackUp. Gaming for me is my escape, it’s my way of letting go & to somehow feel somewhat normal again. Thank you for your time reading this & for your consideration.

We definitely had to get Daniel a gaming care package with a new console and some games for all he's battled and for all he's been doing to battle for others. Gaming may be his escape, but he's also made it a haven for others.

Got the package! Thank you guys! Was really shocked at what was inside! 🙏 Extremely grateful & I sent in the photos already to the email address provided.

We're glad we could provide this Supply Crate. Daniel himself is a streamer and can be watched puppeteering Dorak & Gob on Twitch.

Derfael sponsored Daniel's Supply Crate. Thank you to Derfael and community for raising the $1k to make this gaming care package happen. Derfael can be found on Twitch.

Make a difference. Whether you raise $5 or $10k, every dollar counts toward our mission of serving Veteran mental health through the power of gaming. Hit the button below to get started.

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1 Comment

Aug 11, 2023

This is a great write up. Happy to help support fellow Veterans and hope Daniel gets more time with his family.

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