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Supply Crate – Daniel

We're Supply Crate updating! As always. We have been receiving so many responses to Supply Crates that we may have to keep them going up 3 times a week indefinitely. We hope you're all having a great Labor Day. Today's update came from Daniel, who is deployed with his unit overseas:

Im sgt [redacted for safety] im a senior medic with 2-1 cav . Currently we are on a combat rotation in syria. We are in an out post that was attacked by heavy rockets attack just this past couple months. Our living conditions are not the best. We are living in abandon apartment buildings but luckily we have wifi and electricity. Me and my headquarters element would appreciate your guys care package .

Some of our staff have had the experience of being out on deployment and in combat zones. Having a console out in the field may not seem like much help, but at the end of a long, hard day, sometimes just being able to escape is enough. Hence our Supply Crates.

Thank you so much. So for the the late response we been busy out here. Alot of our boys out here are thankful for for your guys organization.

No worries. It would be an understatement to say it gets busy out there.

Ashlinaa sponsored Daniel and his unit's Supply Crate. She's the founder of Latinx/Hispanic Twitch space, Café Cultivar. Find Café Cultivar on Twitter and Ashlinaa on Twitch.

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