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Supply Crate – Dan

Dan is an Army Veteran who was stationed in the Middle East in 2004. His experiences there left a mark on him and have made it difficult for him to interact with others as a result.

I was in Abu Ghraib during 2004 (right after the scandal) We were attacked constantly. I have PSTD and TBI due to this and struggle in social activities. I have tried to do some stuff with WWP but it is too taxing for my social anxiety. My friend James Hossink told me about you guys and said that I would be a good candidate for you.

The nice thing about gaming is that it can be a low-key activity where socialization happens either as a result of chatting with other people over a shared hobby or when completing tasks together in multiplayer games. If someone doesn't feel like playing with others, they can play alone, too. Sometimes, it really depends on the mood the gamer is in.

I got it today! Thank you so much

You're welcome, Dan.

0ptimysticgamer sponsored Dan's Supply Crate. As part of that sponsorship, he received the first notification of his sponsored Supply Crate. Thank you to 0ptimysticgamer and his community for raising the funds to support our programs. Check out his Twitch channel.

Veterans Day is coming! Which means we're pushing toward our $600k goal to support our programs. Do you want to help us reach our goal? Hit the button below to get started:

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