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Supply Crate – Corin

Today's Supply Crate update came from Corin, who learned about Stack Up through REGIMENT, as he told us in his request:

I am affected by a number of medical disabilities which limits my physical abilities as well as others ailments that affect my mental which include chronic pain, insomnia, anxiety, and depression. I have been living with my fiance while I work to get on my feet. She also encouraged me to give this a go. I am anxious even I hope I can get this through this effectively.
Gaming is high on my list of passions & is one of the very few things that brings me joy & excitement.
I have a PS4 1st Gen w/ a old extended hard drive. I have cleaned my PS4 and attempted to fix my controller, but in the end only made the situation worse. The DIY repair didn't go well due to big hands vs. small electronics. Ever since, I have had a in house Jet Engine for a PS4 & a malfunctioning controller.

I am a part of a veteran discord and I have been only able to cheer from the sidelines for my friends. They are the ones who Introduced me to you all, @Regiment.
I am working towards having a career that extends into Gaming and its positive uses for modeling, simulation, & training.
A supply crate would not only impact me but those that I do game with. Using the materials provided, I'd be a kid in candy store. Excited to not only create content, but to be able to fully participate & game with fellow veterans, be a part of the team once again. I'd be able to have a bigger impact on the discord community.
I understand there are a lot of people your company aids & support. Thank you for such an amazing opportunity. I hope whoever reads this has a great day.

Well, we had to ensure Corin could game with America's largest Military gaming community, didn't we? We sent Corin a Supply Crate, and he was probably so overwhelmed he didn't send us a response, but his fiance did:

Hello StackUp!!
My name is Precious (the fiancé), the load out drop has been received and we THANK YOU!!
I haven’t seen a smile this big in so long, thank you so much!!
Side note: I’m a major soccer fan, FIFA was a wonderful touch!

We do this for the smiles. We hope he continues to have fun with the guys over at REGIMENT.

Mike_and_Chill sponsored Corin's Supply Crate. Mike_and_Chill and his community have been supporters of Stack Up for a while. If you're looking for a channel to chill with, check out his Twitch channel.

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