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Supply Crate – Christopher

Happy Friday! Fridays are #REDFriday here at Stack Up, aka the day to remember everyone deployed by wearing red shirts. In today's Supply Crate, Christopher's unit is deployed in Saudi Arabia, running some training.

Hi! My name is Christopher. I’m a [redacted] of a small [redacted] in [redacted], Saudi Arabia. Our mission is training [redacted] on land combat operations, vehicle operations and combatives. We have a unique mission unlike any other in the military. All of my Soldiers, including myself, are Reserve and National guard, and are deployed here for over [redacted] on each set of orders. We have a team house where we frequently get together and have small team events. It’s a great way to de-compress from being in a combat zone and away from our families. Due to the uniqueness of the mission, we are rarely allowed, especially at our ranks, to take leave to go home due to the on-going training. I truly believe this would be a giant morale booster to my Soldiers and the entire Detachment. We are a part of the local population here and blend in so, again this isn’t like a typical army mission except when we train when we do wear the uniform. If you have any other questions I can get in contact with you all via my government cell phone. The number I provided is my wife’s who is back in the states. We do not have cell service out here except on wifi.

Christopher and the rest of his unit sound like they could use something to spruce up their team house. Sounds like exactly the kind of place a game console could go a long way in providing some fun for these deployed soldiers.

We sent Christopher a game console, and he shared it with the rest of the unit:

We opened your box today. Thank you all again so much! On behalf of [redacted], we are incredibly grateful for you and your team's donation. If there's anything else you need from us, please let me know! I hope the video quality is good enough.
Very respectfully,

Christopher learned about Stack Up through the StackUpDotOrg TikTok, where we posted an unboxing of a PlayStation 5 sent to a soldier in Kuwait. He decided to help us out by sending a video we posted on our TikTok earlier this week!

Christopher's Supply Crate was funded through donations to Stack Up at PAX East. The PAX East community really came together during our attendance in 2022 and donated over $7k to sponsor a couple of Supply Crates. People donation matched, and multiple people offered up $1 per selfie at the Stack Up posted on social media. It was beautiful to watch attendees of one of our favorite gaming conventions come together in such support.

It's December, which means we just have this month left to reach our fundraising goal. Donating even just a few dollars goes a long way in supporting Stack Up and helping us to support Veterans and actively deployed troops and their mental health through gaming!

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