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Supply Crate – Christopher

4 soldiers sit in a recreational area. They hold an xbox one s and a thank you note for the Marvel Factor Coalition.
This looks like one of those old family photos.

Hello, everyone. We hope you all had a great weekend. We return to the work week with another Supply Crate update! Under the pandemic, Coronavirus restrictions have made life quite difficult for our military service members here and overseas. Christopher made this request to help the well-being of his soldiers. In his request he told us:

I am the Battalion Chaplain for the 2-104 GSAB. We just arrived to the Middle East and all our MWR and USO facilities are closed due to COVID. My goal is to create a recreation area for the Soldiers where they can rest and relax away from all the hubbub while giving me an opportunity to connect with these men and women to ensure their mental and spiritual wellbeing.

Chaplain Christopher smiles for the camera.
Thank you Christopher for the request.

Under COVID-19 restrictions, opportunities to relax with others are far and few between. Getting this Supply Crate out to these soldiers is the least we can do to ensure their well-being. In his reply, Christopher told us:

To be honest, I was unsure if this request would go through. I pretty much squealed in delight when I saw your box. Been having to slowly get the games loaded as internet out here is, well ... slow.
I am convinced it will provide our folks (and me) some needed distraction.
Many thanks again! God Bless!

An xbox one s and controller sit inside of the Supply Crate. There are 9 xbox games in the box and 2 t shirts as well. The Thank You note is to the Marvel Factor Coalition, who raised the funds for this Supply Crate.
It's been a rough pandemic, but hopefully these games can help!

Thank you, Christopher, again for making this request and ensuring your battalion soldiers can have some fun. May they get plenty of gaming in to distract them.

The Marvel Factory Coalition's stream team sponsored this Supply Crate. Go check their streamers out and give them some thanks for helping.

To learn more about our Supply Crates and other opportunities to help with our programs, please hit the button below, and you will be redirected to our 'How to Help' pages. Have a great week, everyone!

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