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Supply Crate – Casey

Here we are with more Supply Crate updates. Stack Up provided Active Duty Military units, Veterans, and Veteran Services with 256 Supply Crates last year.

Supply Crate recipient Casey told us about her struggles with treatment for her mental health.

I am a female Marine veteran. I suffer from PTSD, anxiety, insomnia and depression. I've been to many therapists and in person groups. It is very uncomfortable when I am the only female present and I don't open up as I should. I was told about this program from an active military friend, he feels it would be good for me to meet others who struggle like I do. I have so much bottled up since I got out in 2005 but I wasn't sure this was an option for veterans. I've never played video games like those that are out now days but I would really like to give this a try. Thank you and Semper Fi.

Thanks for giving us a try, Casey. We can't guarantee that gaming is a fix it all for mental health, but it makes a good supplement to mental health treatments, in our opinion, and based on many of our experiences. We sent Casey a crate as part of our Hundred Heroes push last year. She sent us the following reply:

I appreciate all you are doing,
Thank you so much!

Game on, Casey.

This Supply Crate was sponsored by The8BitDrummer. Cool name, right? You can check out The8BitDrummer at this link.

We're currently in the midst of our Memorial Day Call to Arms push, and people are rocking it. Take a minute to check out our DonorDrive goal and see where we currently sit.

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