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Supply Crate – Carley

Sometimes when our troops are deployed, they have very little downtime. That can get hard on the mind fast. Today's Supply Crate update comes from a medical unit working around the clock.

I am the Medical NCOIC for a small treatment facility on a FOB away from our main body. My medics have been working hard on 24/7 Ops since we got here a month ago. I want them to be able to have a way to decompress while out here, and currently we only have a TV and nothing else, seeing as we could only bring our gear on the rotator flight.

Thanks, Carley, for reaching out. Even a small amount of time gaming can do the trick.

Thank you so much!

Short but sweet answer. We hope the crew out there gets enough gaming on in their downtime to escape.

Chrisifix, who has sponsored many Supply Crates and has been a longtime supporter of Stack Up, sponsored Carley's Supply Crate. Find him on twitch.

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