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Supply Crate – Carl

This Supply Crate is a bit of a long one, but one worth checking out if you have the time. Carl's wife, Crystal, nominated her husband for a Supply Crate. She noticed how gaming helps her husband by giving him something to focus on and connect with other Veteran gamers.

My husband, Carl is who I'm nominating. He served a tour in Afghanistan and when he came home, rehabilitated himself back into civilian life as the VA's medical timeline was incredibly slow to get him back into the workforce. He took on the profession of a tow truck driver and up until his combat injuries caught up with him in 2018, he was working. We married in 2014 and welcomed our first child in 2016. At this point, his PTSD, anxiety and physical capabilities began to decline. In 2017, after the birth of our second child, my husband became unemployable and could no longer work. We had to switch roles and i had to work while he stayed home. He always found calmness in gaming as it would help him to relax and focus on missions and tasks. He enjoyed the team aspect of games and interacting with people outside of the home. He used to have a gaming console until our dog marked it and fried it. There's not much he can do physically without his body giving out on him. Gaming gives him clarity and a means to destress.

We can totally understand Carl and hope that by sending him a Supply Crate, he can find some relief.

The supply crate has reached its destination!
We can't even find the words at how amazing this is!
My husband, Carl, was always the one working for his family so I can raise our kids. When he was discharged in 2012, the VA took so long to get him back into civilian life with his injuries, he pretty much rehabilitated himself to get back into the workforce. He worked as a tow truck driver for years until I was pregnant with our first daughter on 2016. He slowed his pace and took a courier job transporting lab specimens for LabCorp. One night his back injuries flared up and never let up. He's become unemployable since 2018 and as time goes by, he becomes more aware of what he can't do anymore for his family and for himself. Gaming helps redirect his attention to something more enjoyable instead of being stuck in his thoughts.
This supply crate brought such joy into his eyes, let me tell you! During the period of time he wasn't gaming, he was trying anything he could to do simple things around the house that his body would permit. I definitely always worry about his mental health because there's just some things he won't share with me but hearing his night terrors let me know that he is haunted by the things he experienced in combat.
We are so incredibly thankful to you guys for being incredibly supportive of our military brothers and sisters.
You all are out of this world amazing.
Thank you!
Carl and Crystal

Thank you to Carl and Crystal for sharing this with us. Thank you to Crystal and all of those families of servicemembers out there who are supporting them. Most of all, thanks to Carl for the great smiles in the above photos.

AjaxDelta sponsored Carl's Supply Crate. AjaxDelta fundraiser $1k last year to make this Supply Crate happen. You can find AjaxDelta on Twitch.

Get those DonorDrive pages launched before May as we make our Memorial Day push toward our goal of $350k.

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