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Supply Crate – Byron

Byron requested a Supply Crate to help him deal with his PTSD.

My name is SFC (retired) Byron. I believe I would make a good candidate. After 23 years of active duty service, 3 deployments and numerous times I was sent to a school, dealing with physical injuries as well as PTSD. I have used video games to help me deal with issues stemming from my PTSD. Getting the new system will allow me to continue with my healing process.

Gaming is an aid rather than a cure. It's merely one way of helping people deal while seeking other treatments for their mental health.

I received my crate this morning. This is truly a blessing and the work that you guys are doing is absolutely amazing. I have spread the word and I pray that the work you guys are doing will bless many many more of our servicemembers. I thank you for all that you do.

You're welcome, Byron.

Moosey_TV sponsored Byron's Supply Crate. He's a fun guy, so be sure to check out his Twitch channel.

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