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Supply Crate – Bryan

Bryan is a Marine Corps Veteran who was nominated for a Supply Crate to help him cope with his health.

Bryan comes from a military family where both his mother and father served. Bryan felt compelled to carry on the family legacy and opted to join the Marine Corps in 2010. During his time in service, Bryan cultivated considerable resiliency and ability to face and overcome adversity. Bryan was awarded the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal and the Sea Service Deployment Ribbon. Unfortunately, after serving almost 3 years active duty, Bryan encountered an illness that led to a medical discharge and affected his dreams to retire from the military. Since returning to civilian life, Bryan has consistently worked towards reestablishing himself in society, but continues to experience challenges as a result of his illness. While Bryan remains resilient and encouraged, he experiences bouts of emotional disturbance that impacts his functioning and morale. Bryan is trying to reestablish his love for gaming which has been beneficial to increasing his morale and sustaining some measure of enjoyment for his life. It may also prove beneficial to overcoming some challenges with his illness. Bryan is certainly deserving of the support and as I have been working with Bryan for almost a year now, I have not seen him light up in excitement until I made him aware of this program. Remaining prayerful and hopeful Bryan can be selected for an opportunity.

Having your Active Duty service cut short due to health can be rough, especially if you envision a different life. Adjusting to civilian life after can be just as difficult. If sending a console and games to Bryan will help him cope, we're just glad we're here to do it.

Dear Stack Up,
Thank you so very much for sending out such a gracious gift. When I first joined the network I really wasn’t sure what to expect. You all have certainly made my day and given me the opportunity to reconnect with fellow gamers and veterans alike. I look forward to sustaining membership within your program and connecting to other veterans to game with.
Bryan N. Cezar

The Stack Up community is here for anyone looking to game with Veterans, Active Military, and civilians in a safe environment. It's a great place to make friends or just hang out with other people and talk about games and mental health.

Bryan's Supply Crate was sponsored by friends and family of Jacob Crewson, who wanted to do a good thing for Veterans in honor of his memory. We thank them for their care and are glad we could help memorialize him this way.

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