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Supply Crate – Brian

What's going on out there? If you're having a rough day, feel free to reach out to us. We have our community available to chat with and Overwatch Program volunteers on standby, ready to aid you in crisis anytime.

Now onto our Supply Crate update. Brian is deployed overseas with the Air Force and reached out to us about getting him and his unit a new console to enjoy in their downtime. Read his request:

We are a deployed fire department working 24hr shifts. We spend a lot of time together on and off shift playing games. It really keeps us going and is a great stress reliever. Would love to have some updated system and games! We would put anything sent to us to use imidiatly. Thanks for the support!

Fighting fires overseas? Sounds like it can get stressful. Everyone needs something fun for their downtime, and Stack Up is here to provide. Brian sent a reply once he received his crate:

We received the crate! The crew was pretty excited to say the least. Working 24hr shifts at the fire station, living and working together, when the OPs tempto is fast, can start to take a toll on even the best of us. Having a crew that all game and use it to decompress, this will go a very long way in helping! This Xbox will be put right to use! Thank you to STACK UP, and thank you Japaro for the donation!

We stack up consoles in our warehouse so that we can package them up with games to send to troops like Brian and his unit. We're always glad to have been of help.

Today's Supply Crate was sponsored by Japaro.

Raise $1000, and we can send another Supply Crate out. We're currently doing 12 Supply Crates a month, and with your support, we could potentially increase that number and fund our other programs, such as Overwatch, our mental health crisis peer-to-peer support team.

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