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Supply Crate – Brandon

Welcome to today's Supply Crate update. Brandon is a Veteran who is dealing with some mental health and, unfortunately, had to sell his coping mechanism, his PS4.

Hello! I unfortunately suffer with severe anxiety disorder and severe depression. Also have sleeping issues that are also documented which does not help my anxiety. Gaming is one of the very few things that keeps my mind away from my demons. I had to sell my PS4 quite a few months ago due to financial stress and my PC just isn't holding up very well anymore. Plus, most of my friends play console and do not like PC lobbies so I never really get to play with them. Having a console in the home would finally give me the chance to sit back, relax and game in the living room once again. Thank you for such an amazing opportunity!

Some of us have been there when it comes down to mental health and finances combined to kick us down. So, of course, we had to help our fellow Veteran Brandon out.

Ian, you and the team have me in absolute shock right now. Yall have no idea how much this means to me and my family. I haven't been able to sit down on the couch and split screen with them in many years! I am beyond excited to do this once again. I love you all thank you so much!!!!

We're just glad we could help, Brandon. If you didn't know, Brandon, aka TheSaltyVet, has joined in with our brothers over at Regiment. He's been great to see around our socials. If you're looking to make more connections with fellow Veterans, give him a follow.

OneForMrsE sponsored Brandon's Supply Crate. OneForMrsE joined us as an Influencer Relations Team member, supporting others in getting a fundraiser started, all while holding her own fundraiser! Check her out on her Twitch channel.

The end of the year is nigh! But fundraising can happen anytime. Hit the button below to check our progress toward our $600k goal.

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