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Supply Crate – Bobby

Bobby had a stroke, and it has limited his activities:

I am Retired veteran that had a stroke and is confined to a wheelchair. I have regained use of my hands and some in my legs. I spend alot of time playing games on my phone and on ps4 with Friends and grand kids. Recently our ps4 stopped working.

Well, we can't leave Bobby hanging without a game console. Gaming is a great activity with almost limitless possibilities when one's range of motion has been hampered. We sent Bobby a PlayStation 5, and he sent our warehouse the following reply:

Yes sir I love it. Thank you!

Enjoy, Bobby.

Lazypanda7 sponsored Bobby's gaming care package. Thanks to Lazypanda7 and community for participating in the Call to Arms. Catch Lazypanda7 on Twitch.

The end of the year is nigh! We need to hit our $600k goal, or we'll have to cut back on some programs. Help us keep rowing steady by donating to Stack Up today. Hit the button below to donate.

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