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Supply Crate – Benjamin

We have so many Supply Crate updates to make, and it's been wonderful to see the responses. Today's update comes from Benjamin, who was going through a divorce:

Veteran seeking assistance. Recently began process for divorce and was forced to live in car. Now living in a house and could use the distraction of video games to support me in these hard times

Whatever is happening in your life, sometimes a little escape is all you need. We sent Benjamin a Supply Crate in the hopes of giving him something to enjoy as he needs.

The timing of everything was a massive help. And it is greatly appreciated

Thanks, Benjamin, for reaching out. Should you ever need a community for support, join the Stack Up discord.

Yunuziy sponsored Benjamin's Supply Crate. Thank you to Yunuziy and community for all of their support. Please do us a favor and check out his channel when you have the time.

Ready to answer the Call to Arms? Help us get a headstart on our year-long fundraising goal by signing up for a DonorDrive page.

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