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Supply Crate – Arthur

It's Friday. As you head into your weekends, we hope you enjoy yourselves. Today's Supply Crate update comes from Arthur, a Veteran who wanted a console and games to play with his son and to relax with.

Not sure I deserve anything if I didn’t work for it. I’ve been to Iraq Feb 3rd, 2003 and again in Oct 10th, 2005. I am 70% disabled but continue to work daily. Some days are better than others but I manage with a good wife that cares for me I guess. I don’t go out much and if I do it’s like pulling teeth sometimes. I regret it after that I put up fight and gave every reason why I don’t want to go. I have a son in college and he will be graduating. He’s always playing with his friends online Battlefield war games. Amazing graphics. He’s let me use his and it kept me pretty busy during some times I wanted to get away. I know he likes his Xbox and I gave it back to him. He kept begging me to keep it because he’s busy with football. He took it but I want to surprise him with my own so I can play with him if he will have me.I just never bothered to buy one, maybe because I’m a cheap skate 😂 or enjoy being alone by myself. If you don’t have enough that’s okay also, I’d rather have someone who needs it more than me to have it. I will figure it out. Thank you guys for your time and listening.

We all deserve a little good in our lives, and we have no problem providing that at Stack Up. Especially for our Veterans who think they don't deserve something nice once in a while. We sent Arthur a crate of console and games, and he sent us the following reply:

I just wanted to thank you for everything! You guys at Stack up are awesome and you guys have made my whole year! I am so happy! I can not believe it! Do you know how hard it is to get this console and games? It’s very difficult! I received the package crate yesterday and today I sent out the pictures to Again, I thank everyone for taking the time out of their day to do this for others. Never understood why people do these nice things. It’s been very difficult for me and I just want you to know that you guys are the best! And not because you’ve given me a gift that I really appreciate but because you guys have a spot in your heart many people do not have! It’s rare. Thank You again! Arthur

We do what we do at Stack Up for this exact reaction. Most of us are Veterans who are also gamers and have experienced the fun and connection that can be found through gaming, and we want to share that with other Vets.

NoelDeLisle sponsored Arthur's, Supply Crate. Check him and his community out on Twitch if you get a chance.

Hit the Phalanx Coin below to start on your way to sponsoring a Supply Crate.

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