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Supply Crate – American Legion Post #10

In today's Supply Crate update, Stack Up supported an American Legion Post with a game console to help them set up and appeal to our younger Veterans who are more into gaming than the activities of the past.

We are a small northern Michigan community American Legion Post #10 that is struggling to survive as old timers pass and we need our younger Veterans as much as they need us, and if installing gaming could offer even just the hope to save just ONE of our community members who live isolated after being of Service, we want to reach them.
Pool Tabes and Juke Boxes of the past won't do it
WE NEED GAMING CONSOLES and help to set it up, and some instruction for our Commander Brian to run it, and we would be forever grateful!
We can do our own fund drive we need to EXPERTISE and the INSIGHTS of those who have success, and would love to hear from you!

Don't get us wrong, we love a good game of pool and enjoy a song on jukeboxes as much as the next person, but gaming is where our heart lies. We'll gladly drag our fellow Veteran organizations into the future with us. So, let's start with a game console. We're still working on the other stuff with some Legion Posts, including getting them gaming PCs and such.

Pictured: Commander Kluesner and Auxiliary Member, Nancy Sorenson

On behalf of our Post Members and the surrounding community, I want to thank Stack Up and GryphonAMX for your generous donation.
I have no doubt that this system will provide countless hours of entertainment, friendly competition and camaraderie for our current and future members. We hope to have 50 or more members using the system on a regular basis and expect that this will be a big draw in attracting new members.
Yours for Devotion to Mutual Helpfulness,
Brian Kluesner, Commander
American Legion Post 10

Salute to our fellows in the American Legion. All you really need is a couple of consoles, some controllers, and multiplayer games, and you're pretty well set up to host some in-person gaming events. Let's see what the future brings!

GryphonAMX, who has been one of our best supporters of all time at Stack Up and raised over $60k in total over his years of support, sponsored this Supply Crate. Thanks to him and thanks to the fantastic community of supporters who have aided us so readily throughout the years. Check out GryphonAMX on Twitch!

We're close to the end. (Of the year.) We're close to our goal of $600k, and we need every dollar to keep our programs funded just enough to not make cuts. Hit the button below to donate. Or, if you have the time to get in an end-of-year fundraiser, go for it. Our Influencer Relations Team is ready to help you with any questions you may have.

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