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Supply Crate – Allen

Staff are back home from working on Phalanx, and we're excited to see what we're preparing come to fruition. We are still not quite sure of when we will announce what Phalanx is, but we think you'll be just as excited about it as we are.

Today's Supply Crate update came from Allen, a Navy Veteran who served and retired after 25 years in service, as he told us in his Supply Crate application:

After serving 25 years in the United States Navy, My family and I have settled in a small community nestled in the Appalachian Foothills. I have been drawn to serve the country and the community all of my life. I must admit, that my last deployment, and my final tour proved to be my most challenging time in the military. Had I not discovered gaming, I can honestly say I would most likely not be here. The challenge in the my next phase of life is slowing down, and dealing with my PTSD. Gaming is how I cope with everyday stressors.

Gaming is a great way to unwind after a long day of relearning how to be a civilian, to be quite frank. Sometimes transition post-service tends to be rough as we Veterans relearn how to live a normal life. We're glad to help Veterans like Allen get something to help with that adjustment.

Stack Up TEAM
Thank you so much for the supply crate that was sent to me! Please send along thanks to Moridrex for sponsoring the crate you sent!
Gaming is a coping mechanism for me. While on my final deployment, gaming in my downtime was how I passed that arduous time in my life. Quite literally, gaming saved my life. 100 percent.
Thank you again for everything!

Thank you for reaching out, Allen! We're glad the game console and games reached him.

Moridrex has seen this Supply Crate update, but we can never thank the folks fundraising to get gaming care packages out to our Veterans and Active Duty units enough. Thanks once again, Moridrex, for answering the Call to Arms. Find him on Twitch!

Why the big red button? It contains the secrets to helping Stack Up with our mission. Click it.

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